Why Choose Us?

We know that finding the right tutor is important, and that you have many options when selecting a tutoring company. Here are a few reasons why you should choose All Ivy Tutoing.

We Choosed Only the Most Talented and Qualified Tutors

Having the right tutor makes all the difference in the world. All of our tutors are experts at making their students succeed. They have all graduated from Ivy League universities, each with a different specialty, but all with top marks, and each trained and poised to make you succeed.

Sessions Are Focused on Your Goals

Within the first ten minutes of your first session, we’ll discuss and write down your goals. After that point, every lesson will be written especially for your learning style and your goals. While some students set their eyes on Ivy League schools, and others simply want an A on every Calculus exam, they all find themselves succeeding and setting higher goals. With All Ivy, you will too.

Learn the Skills to Succeed in College

We’re not just interested in getting you to pass a single class.  We want our students to develop the skills to succeed in their academic pursuits forever.  Our tutors are Top Students from the Top Colleges in the World. They’ve learned that it takes much more than understanding to achieve top marks. Our students will also learn:

  • The most effective study skills
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • To form strong relationships with Instructors and get top recommendations
  • How to start the most impressive community service projects
  • Fail-proof test-taking and test-prep skills
  • A trusted method for making A’s in every class

Access Your Tutor Full-Time

We understand that even the best prepared students sometimes have pitfalls. In case of troubled times, you’ll always have the option for emergency tutoring sessions before the big test. We guarantee that all email questions will be answered promptly and completely. Further, our tutors work as a team, so if you need very specific expertise, you’ll have access to them too.

We Know What You’re Going Through

Don’t choose a tutor who hasn’t learned any new material in 20 years. We have the learning process fresh in our minds and, therefore, the empathy to work with your student. We remember learning the material, the specific mistakes that cloud understanding, and the process of developing an intuition about the subject. Make sure your tutor has fresh and comprehensive knowledge of your subject area.