Selecting A Tutor

People often ask me how to go about choosing a tutor in a large city like Phoenix. Choosing a tutor is a very important step when trying to improve grades or standardized test scores. There are several important factors that one should consider when trying selecting a Phoenix tutoring company; these include tutoring experience, subject expertise, education level, tutoring style, and proximity.

To find an experienced tutor, your best bet is to consult a tutor’s resume. When looking in a small town, you may only have a few tutors to choose from, but when looking for a phoenix tutor, you’ll have a much larger pool to choose from. Many websites have tutor profiles which list experience of its tutors. You should also always ask for references. Avoid being seduced by testimonials on a website, as there is no way to verify their authenticity.

Subject expertise is probably the easiest to evaluate, but also less important than one might think. Especially if you’re looking for a high school tutor, almost every tutor will have mastered the necessary skills. If you’re looking for specific subject expertise, make sure you choose somebody with a highly related college degree. For example, if you’re looking for a Phoenix math tutor or a Phoenix science tutor, choose somebody with an engineering education that will have expertise in both areas. If you’re looking for a Phoenix English tutor, select an English or Literature major.

The amount of education a tutor has acquired is another deceptive trait. Somebody with 30 years of teaching experience or a PhD in the field is not necessarily your best bet; it’s hard to empathize with a learner if all the material seems trivial and ancient. Choosing an tutor from a top university or an Ivy League School is also a good bet, especially if you’re looking for a Phoenix SAT tutor, because of their standardized test mastery and breadth of education.

Tutoring style is very hard to measure, but it’s also one of the most important skills. Really the only way to do this is to check references and keep in close contact with your tutor after they’re hired. Choose somebody who teaches the skills to learn and think about dealing with problems rather than somebody who drills facts. Learning the former will help in academics for the rest of your life.

Proximity is the final selection criterion. There are many choices for phoenix in-home tutoring. You can also do a google search for local tutors. If you’re looking for a Scottsdale Tutor, you can do a google search, or check the phone book under headings like Mesa Tutoring.

Hopefully now you have the ability to make an informed tutor choice. Everybody’s needs are unique, and you’re the best person to interpret yours. Remember to review references and carefully consider what level of education is a best fit for your situation. And most of all, if a tutor isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to seek somebody else.

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