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At All Ivy Tutoring, our mission is simple. We help our students succeed at the highest levels of academics.

If you’re serious about academic success, contact us today at (520) 456-7045.

All of our tutors have been accepted to, and graduated from, top universities across the country. We know how to succeed in school, and we’re ready to share what we’ve learned. Whether you want to be a star candidate at a state school, or you’re seeking acceptance at one of the nation’s elite universities, All Ivy Tutoring will help you achieve your goals.

At All Ivy Tutoring, we understand that a relationship with your tutor is extremely important. That is why we select only the most diverse and talented tutors, and train them in our full range of services:

* In-Home Tutoring- Fits Your Schedule!
* All academic subjects
* Test Prep- SAT, ACT, AP, IB, and AIMS
* College Application Preparation
* Additional Curriculum and Course Integration
* Emergency Sessions and Question Response
* Passionate and Talented Tutors
* Serving the Greater Phoenix Area
* Excellent Communication Skills
* Dedication to Your Success!

We are currently serving all Valley locations, including:

* Phoenix
* Scottsdale
* Glendale
* Tempe
* Mesa
* Chandler
* Gilbert
* Paradise Valley

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Why Choose All Ivy?

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We know that finding the right tutor is important, and that you have many options when selecting a tutoring company. Here are a few reasons why you should choose All Ivy Tutoing.

We Choosed Only the Most Talented and Qualified Tutors

Having the right tutor makes all the difference in the world. All of our tutors are experts at making their students succeed. They have all graduated from Ivy League universities, each with a different specialty, but all with top marks, and each trained and poised to make you succeed.

Sessions Are Focused on Your Goals

Within the first ten minutes of your first session, we’ll discuss and write down your goals. After that point, every lesson will be written especially for your learning style and your goals. While some students set their eyes on Ivy League schools, and others simply want an A on every Calculus exam, they all find themselves succeeding and setting higher goals. With All Ivy, you will too.

Learn the Skills to Succeed in College

We’re not just interested in getting you to pass a single class.  We want our students to develop the skills to succeed in their academic pursuits forever.  Our tutors are Top Students from the Top Colleges in the World. They’ve learned that it takes much more than understanding to achieve top marks. Our students will also learn:

  • The most effective study skills
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • To form strong relationships with Instructors and get top recommendations
  • How to start the most impressive community service projects
  • Fail-proof test-taking and test-prep skills
  • A trusted method for making A’s in every class

Access Your Tutor Full-Time

We understand that even the best prepared students sometimes have pitfalls. In case of troubled times, you’ll always have the option for emergency tutoring sessions before the big test. We guarantee that all email questions will be answered promptly and completely. Further, our tutors work as a team, so if you need very specific expertise, you’ll have access to them too.

We Know What You’re Going Through

Don’t choose a tutor who hasn’t learned any new material in 20 years. We have the learning process fresh in our minds and, therefore, the empathy to work with your student. We remember learning the material, the specific mistakes that cloud understanding, and the process of developing an intuition about the subject. Make sure your tutor has fresh and comprehensive knowledge of your subject area.

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When is Tutoring Right for You?

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Struggling in a difficult course can be frustrating and even scary. Even if your first instinct is to panic, relax for a second and assess the situation. In most cases, hiring a tutor is an excellent option; reviewing concepts with an expert can be very helpful. Sometimes, however, it can be counterproductive. So how do you determine when you should hire a tutor? The question you need to ask is this: is there a serious lack of understanding of the material or simply poor test taking, laziness, or some other small factor?

Especially in math or science classes, material is always building upon itself. So if your son or daughter completely fails to understand one area, moving forward can be nearly impossible. One indicator of this can be grades; generally anything lower than a C indicates serious lack of understanding. Also, C’s on two or more exams in a row should raise a flag. A student can also be behind if they take courses in a different order, or from different schools. Everyone draws the line between Algebra I, II, III, and IV in a different place for example. So if you’ve recently moved, taken a semester at a different college, or done a class on you own, then it is a good idea to select a tutor.

Another sign that of a serious problem is if a students starts feeling hopeless. If he or she begins to seriously avoid anything related to the subject, has an emotional response or tears, or lies about the subject, contact a tutor immediately. Learning should never be a traumatic experience. If any of these symptoms are present,
it’s nearly impossible to recover alone, and a tutor is a necessity.

Students can also benefit from gaining a broader or deeper insight into the course material. Many of our students choose to keep working with their tutors after their grades have improved for this reason. Remember that the point is not to get through it, but rather to understand the material. A great education is not only helpful for college, but for the rest of your life. So even with a bright student with excellent grades, working with a tutor is an excellent idea.

There are also a few situations in which you should think twice before hiring a tutor. Classes should be difficult, anything thing that requires new abstract concepts and rigorous thinking should be. Some students do poorly because they simply aren’t taking enough time to struggle with the new concepts. A bit of struggle is an important part of the learning process, and in this case hiring a tutor may be counterproductive. Make sure you talk to your son or daughter first to make sure this isn’t your situation.

The last reason to consider hiring a tutor is that some teachers simply are not great. Even if a student has an A, they could find themselves behind in college if there teachers are sub-par. This certainly isn’t always the case, but if a student finds a class to easy, or finds the subject boring or pointless, then they are probably wasting their time. In this case, having a tutor may be the only way to ensure a complete and thorough education.

A final note: no tutor has a magic grade wand. Two hours per week isn’t enough time to fully learn any subject. Tutors are there to answer questions, sure understanding, and teach problem solving and test taking skill that last long after tutoring sessions are over. So when making the decision to hire a tutor, ask yourself if highly individualized attention from an educational professional is the right choice to help you accomplish your goals.

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Selecting A Tutor

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People often ask me how to go about choosing a tutor in a large city like Phoenix. Choosing a tutor is a very important step when trying to improve grades or standardized test scores. There are several important factors that one should consider when trying selecting a Phoenix tutoring company; these include tutoring experience, subject expertise, education level, tutoring style, and proximity.

To find an experienced tutor, your best bet is to consult a tutor’s resume. When looking in a small town, you may only have a few tutors to choose from, but when looking for a phoenix tutor, you’ll have a much larger pool to choose from. Many websites have tutor profiles which list experience of its tutors. You should also always ask for references. Avoid being seduced by testimonials on a website, as there is no way to verify their authenticity.

Subject expertise is probably the easiest to evaluate, but also less important than one might think. Especially if you’re looking for a high school tutor, almost every tutor will have mastered the necessary skills. If you’re looking for specific subject expertise, make sure you choose somebody with a highly related college degree. For example, if you’re looking for a Phoenix math tutor or a Phoenix science tutor, choose somebody with an engineering education that will have expertise in both areas. If you’re looking for a Phoenix English tutor, select an English or Literature major.

The amount of education a tutor has acquired is another deceptive trait. Somebody with 30 years of teaching experience or a PhD in the field is not necessarily your best bet; it’s hard to empathize with a learner if all the material seems trivial and ancient. Choosing an tutor from a top university or an Ivy League School is also a good bet, especially if you’re looking for a Phoenix SAT tutor, because of their standardized test mastery and breadth of education.

Tutoring style is very hard to measure, but it’s also one of the most important skills. Really the only way to do this is to check references and keep in close contact with your tutor after they’re hired. Choose somebody who teaches the skills to learn and think about dealing with problems rather than somebody who drills facts. Learning the former will help in academics for the rest of your life.

Proximity is the final selection criterion. There are many choices for phoenix in-home tutoring. You can also do a google search for local tutors. If you’re looking for a Scottsdale Tutor, you can do a google search, or check the phone book under headings like Mesa Tutoring.

Hopefully now you have the ability to make an informed tutor choice. Everybody’s needs are unique, and you’re the best person to interpret yours. Remember to review references and carefully consider what level of education is a best fit for your situation. And most of all, if a tutor isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to seek somebody else.

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SAT English

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“To create a diverse and edifying library for his children, Mr. Schultz decided to include ____ titles such as The Brothers Karamazov, Hamlet, and Candide.”

(a) homogeneous
(b) spurious
(c) divergent
(d) humdrum
(e) sundry


The correct answer is (b) sundry which means various or diverse. (c) is a tempting choice, but not the best answer.

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Related Rates

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While this problem looks straight from a differential calculus textbook, it requires no advanced math.

Phoenix Math Tutoring Bug Two bugs sit on either side of a bubble. The radius r of the bubble is expanding with dr/dt=3 cm/s. The distance between the bugs is d and they sit on either side of a 60 degree arc, find dd/dt when r=2.


Since the arc is 60 degrees, then d=r and thus dd/dt=dr/dt, dd/dt=2 at all times.

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SAT English

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Identify, name, and correct the error.

“This weekend I went to a baseball game, made a paper airplane, and running. After that I studied Mathematics.”


This sentence contains an error in parallelism. It should read “…and went running.”

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Balance Problem

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math tutoring balance
You are given 10 balls, which are all identical. One ball is either heavier or lighter than the rest. Using a balance three times, can you determine which ball is different, and whether the weight is heavier or lighter?

This requires no advanced math or tricky way of using the balance. Think it’s too easy? Try the same problem with 12 balls.


Here is the solution for the 12 ball problem; the solution for the 10 ball problem is a simple extension.

First place four balls on each side of the balance.  2 possible situations occur: the scale tips (A)or the scale doesn’t tip(B).

Situation A

You know four balls which may be heavy (H1-4), for balls that may be light (L1-4), and four which are normal (N1-4).  On the left side of the scale, place H1-3 and L1, and on the right side, place N1-3 and H4 on the right side.

If the left side drops, then one of H1-3 is responsible.  Compare H1 and H2, if neither side drops, H3 is different.

If the right side drops, then either H4 or L1 is different.  Compare either with a normal ball.

If neither side drops, then one of L2-4 is different.  Compare H2 and H3.

Situation B

Neither side of the scale tips, therefore we have N1-8 and D1-4 (D may be either heavier or lighter).  On the left side place D1-3, on the right place N1-3.

If the left side goes up or down, then you have L1-3 or H1-3, test as above.

If neither side moves, compare D4 to any normal ball.

Depending on how the situation plays out, one of these methods will give you the answer in three tries.

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SAT English

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A student suggested that I add an English question to Problem of the Week. Here is a challenging SAT English practice question:


“After eating their hot dog and running their third relay-race of the day, the athletic girls joined in on a soccer match at the field in the park.”

Identify, Describe, and Correct the error.


This is a classic singular/plural error. The sentence should read “…their hot dogs“.

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Interesting Geometry

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I heard this former Putnam problem from a friend. The solution requires no advanced math, just clever thinking.

Given a sphere with five points placed at random on its surface. How many points can you guarantee will fall within a well-chosen closed hemisphere?


The answer is four. One great circle, which defines the boarder of the hemisphere, contains two points. This divides the surface of the sphere in two, one side containing two points, the other containing one. Choose the side which contains two points, and thus the closed hemisphere captures four points.

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